Friday, February 18, 2011

If They Think We'll Ever Go Along They're Crazy

A "tell" is one of those observable signals someone makes when they're trying to deceive you. You know, shifty eyes, stuttering, not keeping track of the details of a lie they've told, that kind of thing. There's all kinds of tells. Here's one that gives the whole spirituality/religion game away:
A Chinese magician has sparked outrage from animal rights groups with a trick in which he gets goldfish to swim in sync, prompting China's state broadcaster to cancel an encore performance Thursday.

However, a separate regional broadcaster said magician Fu Yandong would perform the controversial trick again on Thursday night -- and reveal its secret so as to silence his critics.

Fu dazzled audiences two weeks ago with the trick and had planned a repeat performance Thursday on a Lunar New Year holiday show on China Central Television (CCTV).

A CCTV spokeswoman told AFP he would not perform on the show, declining to give further details.

Animal rights activists cried foul over the stunt, saying Fu had likely fed the fish magnets -- or implanted them in the fish -- so they could be dragged around their tank from underneath.
Remember what we said about not recollecting the details of a lie that's been told? O.K., explain this:

Why is it that when a self-proclaimed healer, shaman, psychic, mystic, or Man of God claims to do something miraculous, it's immediately accepted on face value, but let a self-proclaimed magician do something miraculous and everyone's immediately sure he's up to something?

Why are they fervent believers when faced with someone using one title, but then, with someone using another title, they become critical thinkers, when the scam is the same?

Either way they're being tricked - and they prove they know it! Their reaction to self-described "magic" is their tell:

These so-called believers are either as dumb as a box of hammers or they know better.

All we've got to do, now, is figure out how to get them to admit which one it is,...because - let's face it - with these clowns today, simple appeals to honesty sure don't work.

Fucking liars.