Friday, February 18, 2011

Zemmour: Dude, When You Get Out - Get Out!

Is France ever going to stop being insane? For any real American, the illusion that France is a free country is one that living there will dispel pretty quickly:
The controversial French journalist Éric Zemmour has been found guilty of incitement to racial hatred after telling a TV chatshow that drug dealers were mostly "blacks and Arabs".

The Paris trial sparked a fierce debate over freedom of speech and the extent of France's racism problem, which is poisoning the republican ideal that all citizens are equal regardless of colour.

Zemmour, a well-known media commentator and columnist for Le Figaro, prides himself on his outspoken defiance of what he deems political correct, woolly liberals.

He appeared on a chatshow last year when the debate turned to the question of the French police's excessive use of stop and search powers against minorities. He said: "But why are they stopped 17 times? Why? Because most dealers are blacks and Arabs. That's a fact."
Now, of course, that's not "a fact" - every drug dealer we've ever met there *ahem* was white - but, considering France is a racist country, it's clear Zemmour has been convicted for being against the "political correct, woolly liberals" and not for representing the kind of attitudes any black person will encounter, pretty much, across the country. Don't believe us? Then read further:
Zemmour was also fined for telling another TV channel that employers "had a right" to turn down black or Arab candidates. Job discrimination over race and ethnicity is thought to be widespread in France.
Yea - "thought to be" - that's a laugh. Find us a black politician - Hell, find us a black waiter - anywhere in France. Can you imagine? The utter hypocrisy of convicting someone (does he have to go to prison?) for saying what everyone clearly does and already knows?

The whole of France is a racial mess of ridiculous madness, with an entire population constantly taking some stupid, diversionary rear-guard position (which is what Zemmour's conviction is) because they refuse to grapple with themselves over how fucked up they are and can be. (We had a revolution, just like they did, but nobody lost their head over it - how'd that happen? The fucking freaks,...) Somewhere, between France's collective mental disconnect and reality, is the evil they regard as being "sophisticated" - which keeps them from ever being smart. Long story, short:

The conviction of Éric Zemmour is a crime, committed by a nation of criminals, too stupid to understand what line of work they're in.

And this injustice against free speech - which is merely the latest in a series of illogical episodes- just compounds that country's self-perpetuating guilt even more:

Run, Éric - RUN!

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