Sunday, February 27, 2011

We Will Never Fit The Narrative (We Never Have)

Over at Classical Values, there's a post about "Breaking The Narratives That Enslave Us". We won't explain it (you should actually click the link and go read it) but we do want to mention it features a black gay conservative man driving Liberals crazy because he doesn't feed into their expectations.

Now, over at, the great John Ziegler explains why Kathleen Parker was "Doomed At CNN" with that Parker/Spitzer thing. Here's the take-away:
It is hardly a secret that the best (and perhaps only) way for an unknown or career-challenged conservative to achieve mainstream media acceptance is to be a sellout to their supposed cause (just ask Arianna Huffington, Peggy Noonan, David Brooks, David Frum, Michael Smerconish, or Joe Scarborough, to name only a few).
Bingo! This is why black conservatives also drive Liberals crazy. We have to give up our values for the narrative to make sense.

How many times have we heard a Liberal ask a black conservative "How can you vote with those white people?" forgetting we do so because conservatives aren't the ones bringing up anybody's race all the time?

Of course, we black conservatives also have to fit a narrative on the conservative side, which will usually consist of something like denouncing Rap Music, accepting Christianity, and - let's face it - a whole lot of behavior modification.

This, too, will not do.

We've said many times the reason you should donate to this blog is because we want to restart our music career, and deliver to the other side a conservative message in the bold cultural manner they will find familiar and agreeable. We know that no one is doing it, and we feel no one else really can do it. Not like we can anyway. Nor should they be - if you know of another artist that can write and perform Rap, Rock, Jazz, Country, Industrial, Pop, Punk, and anything else you can think of, please, bring him/her/them forward:

We'd love to hear it.

TMR thinks we - and by "we" we mean we Americans - have got to disrupt many narratives to get this country going again. But, if we're asking for donations, then it should be obvious TMR can't do this on our own. We don't care how much it is or where it comes from (Rush Limbaugh? The Koch Brothers? Anybody?) but conservatives have to decide they're ready to shake this place up, by helping unconventionally conservative artists get a foothold in the underground, and the first way they can do that is by putting their money where their mouths are - then backing away - and abandoning the narrative of what we have to be:

Including the narrative that says even conservative artists must be tightly controlled before they can expect support from our fellows.

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