Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spiritually Speaking: They're In The Same Gang

Sigh. Will someone PLEASE tell us something we don't already know:
ABC News gives us a refresher course on the weird, weird world of Moammar Gaddafi this morning as fighting in Libya continues. The liberation of the eastern part of the country allowed access to one of Gaddafi’s presidential palaces, and Libyans might find the dictator’s reading choices illuminating. Like more than one brutal dictator, Gaddafi seemed obsessed with the occult, with books on witchcraft lining the shelves. But the public oddities already known hinted at this already,...
What's next? News the Left has always been into the occult as well? Oh, we'll be so surprised. And here's an exit question for you:

If "like more than one brutal dictator," Gaddafi's fascination with witches and the occult makes him "weird," what does that say about today's Left and the Democratic Party's multi-decade use of it?

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