Monday, February 14, 2011

A Whole Foods Clown (Getting His Wild Oats Off)

Somehow, it always comes out to be true - if we have a tag for it, then, unless we say otherwise goddammit it's probably benefiting evil:
The founder of two chains of natural foods grocery stores has resigned after he was arrested in a child prostitution sting in Phoenix.

Sunflower Farmers Market CEO Michael Gilliland was accused of soliciting sex online with someone who identified herself as an underage girl. He faces a charge of felony child prostitution.

Gilliland resigned from Sunflower, which has locations in seven states. He also founded Wild Oats Markets Inc., which was acquired by Whole Foods Market in 2007.
The people who are into this "natural" and "organic" nonsense - and especially those giving money to Whole Foods - will keep on trying to make excuses, but there are no excuses:

Whenever we look behind the veil, every aspect of the NewAge "movement" is not just wrong, wrong, wrong, but completely rotten to the core.

And - before anyone hits us for guilt by association - we'll remind you:

It's the NewAgers, themselves, whose mantra is "it's all connected."

Hat Tip: iOwnTheWorld

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