Monday, February 28, 2011

"I'm Not Interested In What People Believe"

Unlike probably everyone else watching Charlie Sheen these days, we think this "train wreck" (as some are calling it) is probably the best we've seen him, and (having mutual friends) we applaud him mightily for it. He looks and sounds more like his father than ever. His nothing-can-take-me-down attitude, in the face of this wimpy, middle class, wet rag nanny state finger-wagging opinion is winning. This is a man, owning his actions and insisting everyone else come clean and take responsibility for theirs as well. (Our favorite line? Interviewer: "One of the women said she was afraid she might O.D.". Sheen [incredulous]: "What's that got to do with me?") Seriously, considering the most this loser culture can come up with now is awful Lady GaGa (and Britney Spears) records, vs. watching Beibermania or Kim Kardashian's ass from afar, do you really think everyone is, or wants to be, stuck in this same lame no fun existence the rest of you seem, if not enthused by, at least comfortable with? Really? Are you kidding us? This completely stagnant creative period has shown us nothing but the cultural and artistic equivalent of adults playing with bubble gum - and you think every living breathing person wants to be limited to that? Again, are you kidding?

Everyone can say what they want, but we've said, all too often, we see too many powerful beta males in this country, and where we've been going, both financially and culturally, is reflective of that. We've become a cautious, conformist, inoffensive, non-risk taking, arrogant, lying bunch of NewAge pussies who think if any woman, like this interviewer, says she or others don't approve, then some form of public contrition and apology is called for. Well, screw that. Neither she, or the public, are Charlie Sheen's mother and even if his parents disapprove, he's a grown-assed man who refuses to be a part of whatever milquetoast existence the rest of you think is good for gaining social approval from a worthless feminized culture-killing clique. He didn't ask for it, doesn't need it, and isn't angling for it. He's a man. He's rich. And he's free.

The question is, what the hell have the rest of you become?

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