Friday, February 11, 2011

Sarah Palin & Scientology: Another Story Of Cult Influence In Politics, Just Waiting To Break, That No One's Really Cared About Until It's Too Late

So now, with the FBI's investigation of Scientology for human trafficking, it's Sarah Palin's turn on the rack of cultism - NewAge: it destroys all it touches:
There is no shortage of brewing opposition to the Church of Scientology gaining power inside the Federal Government. In the wake of recent headlines, many Tea Party activists have grown vocal against prominent political figures growing so cozy to a church about which millions of Americans have legitimate concerns. But, to date, Sarah Palin has not answered calls from fellow Tea-Partiers to speak up and demand that elected officials not accept financial donations from the church of Scientology and its members until more questions are answered about the religious organization's questionable practices.

Sarah Palin, of course, is no stranger to Scientology and, as a result, may not readily join the large and growing anti-Scientology movement. As coverage from the War Room notes, "Sarah Palin is personal friends with prominent Scientologists Greta Van Susteren and her husband, attorney John Coale. Coale helped Palin start her PAC -- and he once proposed starting a Scientology PAC, in the 1980s."
And - once again - we're left in the position of saying "we told you so", with facts from a long time ago.

Here's today's question: Why hasn't the Right used the overwhelming amount of cult information against the Left, the way the Left, most assuredly, will use it - just as they have fundamentalist Christian information - against the Right?

Seems like political dereliction of duty, if you ask us,...