Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Can Count On It: We're Coming To Get You

Talk about being politically subversive:

Above is a photo of someone in Egypt, saluting the protesters in Wisconsin - care of Alternet, the Leftist website - when Alternet knows their fellow Leftist protesters in Wisconsin were totally against the man who was determined to free Egypt - just as Alternet worked to convince the Egyptian he should be!

A website like Alternet has absolutely no interest in allowing that Egyptian to know who's who, and what's what, in his battle for freedom - just as they've had no interest in telling the truth about anything else - but, mark our words, the truth of what these clowns are doing will eventually get out:

And lying outfits like Alternet will pay.

Oh - and for the record - "One World, One Power" is bullshit, too.