Sunday, February 20, 2011

You Can Count On It: We're Coming To Get You

Talk about being politically subversive:

Above is a photo of someone in Egypt, saluting the protesters in Wisconsin - care of Alternet, the Leftist website - when Alternet knows their fellow Leftist protesters in Wisconsin were totally against the man who was determined to free Egypt - just as Alternet worked to convince the Egyptian he should be!

A website like Alternet has absolutely no interest in allowing that Egyptian to know who's who, and what's what, in his battle for freedom - just as they've had no interest in telling the truth about anything else - but, mark our words, the truth of what these clowns are doing will eventually get out:

And lying outfits like Alternet will pay.

Oh - and for the record - "One World, One Power" is bullshit, too.


  1. It says "One World, one Pain".

    Vim Toot!

  2. It's still inaccurate if, somehow, he's been convinced the teachers union of Wisconsin, trying to keep unreasonable benefits, are anything like Egyptians getting rid of a 30-year dictator.