Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Good Guys Die (The Good Looking Go On)

It's still happening - it is still happening - but nobody gives a shit, so it'll keep happening, won't it?
Thomas Ciancio believed in ethics and treating people fairly, but he paid for his ideals by being murdered by his business partner, Ciancio's older brother said Friday.

"Tom wanted to separate himself from a system of beliefs that said it was OK to mistreat people," said David Ciancio. "He wouldn't stand for that, and that's why he left" Fowler Software.

Jurors on Friday agreed with prosecutors that the founder of the business, William Rex Fowler, hated Ciancio so much for leaving the company that he shot Ciancio three times in the head on Dec. 30, 2009.

The jury convicted the 58-year-old Fowler of first-degree murder after barely two hours of deliberation.

Adams County District Judge Francis Wasserman then sentenced Fowler to life in prison.

Fowler's defense team offered no witnesses during the trial and said little at Fowler's sentencing. Fowler also declined to say anything.

Prosecutors said Ciancio, who was the company's chief financial officer, resigned in November 2009 over how the company was being run.

Specifically, he was upset that Fowler had given up to $250,000 of the company's money to an outside group, which led to the company's near-failure.

In prior testimony and court documents, that group was identified as the Church of Scientology. Fowler was a member of the controversial church.
The wildest thing about cult killings is they could be stopped - overnight - if people just decided to stop denying it's occurring, drill down, and shine a light on the phenomena. But we can't get anyone, really, to do that - and we've spoken with some of the best minds we can find online - but they know better. So the body count grows, the cult's power increases, and there are more murders with each passing day.

Simply because nobody cared.

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  1. A lot of good guys are still alive.

    I'm pretty sure about that.

    But they'll all die eventually.

    I'm pretty sure about that, too.