Friday, February 25, 2011

Yoga Penis

Everything they tell you, if not a lie, is just a really bad mistake:
Some  have reported floating towards bright lights, while others claim to have seen their bodies lying on hospital beds below them.

And most will tell you they have  been through the most spiritual of  occurrences.

But out of body experiences are nothing more than the trick of a confused mind, according to evidence from an extraordinary study.
People feeling "spiritual" are really just confused? Well, well, well:

We tell you that every day.


  1. Thanks for the article, very helpful information.

  2. Hindu Monks have out of body learning when travel while in the meditation state .
    They live in a 10x10 foot house with a slot for food given to them and one Monk only came out after 17 years .
    He was a wise Master !
    Centuries late a study says its your imagination being confused ?
    Horse feather science has its eyes taped shut by dogma theories by academia !
    That's a fact , and they can not prove the Sun is what they say , it can not be tested in lab so no evidence exist ?
    That's there UFO dogma , evidence goes for a walk about and so it does not exist to investigate ?
    That logic closes your eyes and blinds ones self , that's science !
    Do not rely on official reports from NASA or main stream Science and Archeology is my position , we have been told horse feather propaganda dogma and destroyed evidence that said contrary !
    Smithonium institute were proved in court to have dumped North American giant skelotons into the atlantic ocean !