Friday, February 18, 2011

Radiohead's "Lotus Flower": Faggy NewAge Shit

Radiohead's got a new album out. We're not the biggest fans, but we do admire how they're staying true to themselves - committed to their art - because we're sick of the crass commercialization, and the lowest-common-denominator American Idol-ization, of everything. Thank goodness there's no girl in the group, either, just dying to show us her tits or whatnot.

This track ain't bad, but it reminds us why we're not crazy about the band - they're elitists who won't deign to make music for the rest of us - and that can fuck up the iPod flow.

As a matter of fact, it does every time.

UPDATE: You can listen to the whole thing, but pay special attention to track number six, because KROQ reinforces our assessment of the band in their album review by saying:
A modern, sophisticated piano-based track, “Codex” is full of glistening echos and groans, stunning silences that give way to sonic epiphanies, almost New Age-y traces of culminating violin and the brassy swoon of a meditation bowl. Yorke indulges a naturalistic spirituality, asking you to “jump off the end into a clear lake/no one around.”
Folks, we know Faggy NewAge Shit when we hear it - enjoy:

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