Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Wrong People, The Wrong Time: We're Not Supposed To Be Here (And That's The Truth)

Here is the evidence of what we've been saying, for years, about homeopathy and cultism. It's been up, in this post, for over 48 hours.

Depressingly, only 7 people - out of thousands - have actually looked at it.

So we've got a question:

If you're not clicking the links provided, what do you geniuses use the internet for?

We went to two business offices yesterday. In the first was a notice on a door, inviting the employees to a health insurance scam promoting the "spiritual aspects of health".

In the second, laying on tables in the lobby, were magazines promoting the Yoga cult.

Considering that, is it any wonder why Slavoj Žižek said "New Age 'Asiatic' thought ... is establishing itself as the hegemonic ideology of global capitalism"?

Is it any wonder, also, why global capitalism is doing so badly?

Hey, Champ - cheer up - here's some News You Can Use:

Men don't exist to serve women's desires.

Please make a note of it.

And finally, according to cult leader Arianna Huffington, conservative satirist P.J. O'Rourke single-handedly dismantled she and New York Times columnist David Brooks in a debate. We watched and she was right. (We stopped watching about half way through, merely because we couldn't take Zsa-Zsa's Greek-accented gerbalism any longer.)

Shouldn't AOL be wondering why it would give such an idiot a dime? Shouldn't the public be wondering why it reads and trusts The New York Times?

Wait - answering either of those questions would require thoughts and feelings beyond the superficial.



  1. It seems you're one of those people who think the best defense is a strong offense.

  2. I don't click on the links because the whole article is already there. Just scroll and read.

    Unless I'm missing something?

    Could be. I'm not smart enough to vote Democrat.