Friday, February 25, 2011

Stop Talking About Civil War (And It Won't Start)

The timing couldn't be better:

It was just the day before yesterday, as we were talking to a reader, that we mentioned it's only the Democrats who are constantly bringing up the specter of civil war - which the reader, a Democrat, said was "so far beyond hyperbole as to be surreal."

Well, today, the AP has presented us with this exchange:
It's the tea party world. But not everyone is buying their vision.

Some residents, Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer and even some Republican lawmakers say the bills are making Montana into a laughingstock. And, they say, the push to nullify federal laws could be dangerous.

"We are the United States of America," said Schweitzer. "This talk of nullifying is pretty toxic talk. That led to the Civil War."

A tea party lawmaker said raising the specter of a civil war is plain old malarkey.

"Nullification is not about splitting this union apart," freshman Rep. Derek Skees said. "Nullification is just one more way for us to tell the federal government: 'That is not right."
So, what's really "surreal" out there? What's surreal is how Democrats appear to have a passive/aggressive death wish for themselves and/or this country if they can't get their way, that's what's surreal.

Look, here's an idea for all you Democrats/Leftists/Progressives/Liberals - whatever you guys think you are or are calling yourselves these days:

Why don't you try coming up with some new ideas and/or talking points so your every utterance and behavior isn't so completely predictable that you make even your defenders look like they don't know what they're talking about, huh?

Really - it's worth a shot - just not in a civil war, O.K.?