Saturday, February 12, 2011

Film: Going Into A Dark Place (To See The Light)

Next to Egypt, Scientology is still the news around here, including another movie about cults that's on the way:
It looks like billionaire heiress Megan Ellison (daughter of Oracle boss Larry Ellison) is in negotiations to co-finance not one, but two new Paul Thomas Anderson films! The writer/director had been working on a religious drama said to revolve around the founding of a Scientology-like religion tentatively titled The Master, but was getting nowhere finding financing (this is Hollywood after all; just look at the vitriol spewed at Paul Haggis following his denunciation of Scientology).

The film was set to star Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the founder of a spiritual movement called the Cause, with Jeremy Renner taking on the role of his young protégé. Vulture reports that Renner was forced to drop out of the project given his full schedule (offers started pouring in following his Oscar-nominated turn in The Hurt Locker), but Hoffman is still attached to the film.
Good (we're huuuge Phillip Seymour Hoffman fans!) and, with so many films about cultism on the way, that's just another exciting hint of what we can look forward to seeing in the coming years.

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