Friday, June 7, 2013

Bad Move (Like Saying "I Do" When You Didn't Mean It)

As an atheist (should anyone ever start a sentence that way?) I'm fascinated when Christianity is invoked by people who ought to know better. I say Christianity and not Satanism because, in order to believe in Satan you have to believe in the Bible, and if you believe in the Bible - you're in, Baby! 

Let me add that I know it's just a song, so it may or may not reflect Cake's true feelings, and as artists they have every right to do whatever they want.

I'm totally down with all that.

But what I'm (I think clumsily) getting at is, good song or bad, the so-called "ironic" mockery of religion from these quarters always strikes me as having the artistic merit of someone willingly allowing me to watch them violently slap their own face.

Oh shit:

Now I'm thinking about those folks with horns surgically implanted in their heads,...

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