Friday, June 7, 2013

If Ever There Was A Time To Ask "Who Watches The Watchmen?" I Think That Moment Has Finally Arrived


 And we can hear you:

Leave it to good ol' Pajamas Media to ask the important question Can a Conservative Be An Atheist? and not ask a conservative atheist, but a religious guy who thinks conservatism is "spiritual". 

 Two points this atheist conservative will make: 

 1) If conservatism is "spiritual", then please stop trying to impress me with the difference between it and liberalism because there is none - you're both a bunch of loonies I can't vote for. 

 2) This explains Mitt Romney's weirdo candidacy - and loss - better than anything I've heard so far. 

 And have you noticed how answers to important questions have to be gleaned from what the idiots say - on other topics? They were never this straight-forward when the burning post-election issue was "Why did Mitt Romney become our candidate?" 

Nobody ever said "Because there's essentially a 'spiritual' component to conservatism that makes us drift to scumbags selling homeopathy who think they'll rule other planets after death." 

This has to come out in a dialogue - supposedly about atheism - by two people who aren't atheists. (They didn't even have the integrity to invite a conservative atheist to join them, so how reliable are their opinions?) 

Whatev. It's all O.K., I guess, being PJ Media

 I figured out they were crazy, on my own, a long time ago,...