Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh Boy - Right Again!!!

"I practiced Ashtanga faithfully from 2005 until this year (even taught it for a period of time), when for reasons that I cannot even yet articulate, I found myself growing inexplicably repelled by it. I like to say 'I threw myself out of the cult.' But in truth, I didn't so much throw myself out as find myself slowly edging out the door, not sure that I would never return, only to find myself not wanting to return,...I was a card carrying member of the Ashtanga cult, after all. Now, since I've managed to extricate myself and find some balance in what was always, essentially, my workout routine (that's right, for me, the 'ugly' truth is that the yoga has always been, first and foremost, a workout for me), I feel kind of embarrassed about that."

-- Lauren Cahn, making clear - as I have repeatedly - that yoga is about cultural influence, mind control and a sex racket (why would it be "ugly" to admit she thought of it as a workout routine, when it isn't, otherwise?) and openly calling it a "cult", in The Huffington Post.

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