Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's Intellectual Class Couldn't Catch A Cold

The picture of Jared Loughner as a NewAger gets reinforced a little bit more:
He did not watch TV. He disliked the news. He didn’t listen to political radio. He didn’t take sides. He wasn’t on the left. He wasn’t on the right.
He was just obsessed with 2012, conscience dreaming, mind control, brainwashing, the Buddha, and kept a shrine.

Go on - keep looking for answers in/arguing politics - like the Keystone Kops or Inspector Clouseau:

We can all rest assured you're "hot on the case".

UPDATE: We can now officially add U.F.O.s to the mix.


  1. Let's not forget who the real victims of this tragedy are: Sarah and Rush.

  2. Considering the spin the Left used, before anyone knew anything, I'd include them in the list of victims put under attack for no reason. (Why'd the Left go there?) Calling them "the real victims", though, is just cynical.

    Wait - you're a liberal, aren't you?

    See, everybody? They're as slimy as it gets,...