Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't Read Too Much (Into "Althouse" Being German,...)

Ahh - Bowie during his Nazi period - those were the days. Not a peep from the public about it. Iggy Pop even joined him in a little straight-arm salute action, in Berlin, but both of their careers continued unabated, and now they're in The Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, as much beacons of a glorious cultural past as John Lennon once was, after famously cheating on his "2nd wife" (remember he abandoned his "first" one and their child) and started dancing on a table with a tampon on his head. 

Oh yeah, after that, Rappers should be so ashamed of their behavior.

I am, because peeking at the Althouse nowadays reminds me why it's not worth the effort:
"Sorry, I owe an apology ... articles like this sniveling victim shit piece brings out my inner bigot.

Ya just gotta love thumper music where every third move is to grab yo crotch, thumpity thumpity thump...between bragging on robbing and violence as watchodo. Uh huh."
Yep, that's all Rap music is - if you have no black friends and never get out of the house.

Or if the hosts where such garbage is delivered don't say anything, because they, too, have isolated themselves so much from the black world they can't. (Ann and Meade take a lot of photos - seen many black people at all? They prize the company of dogs more, if you ask me,...)

See, "Louie Louie" was the height of culture before blacks came along and ruined everything by telepathically shooting their brain waves into Elvis and the screaming white girls. ("Uh huh.") And the best part is, that mind-numbingly stupid quote above was some Althouse asshole's apology for being stupid! (Why, he could take over Instapundit with that act.) Face it: 

 Ann Althouse runs a gathering spot for racist right-wing idiots and Glenn Reynolds supports it with links - Here's another goodie:
Niggers act like niggers, NY Times surprised, write article covering for niggers by claiming it's society's fault.

I'm surprised they even wrote this; it's been going on for years, and their only highlighting black violence and antisocial behavior. Das rascisst!

Cue the leftist murdering, lying whores like Garbage Pail and Inga to come in and blame this all on whitey. Because the leftist meme is that black leftists are never responsible for their actions if bad. 

Enjoy the decline, assholes!

Think about it, Whitey: 

 This is what Ann and Meade cultivate to make money - and Glenn Reynolds supports it, too.

Along with losing easily-winnable elections a black Republican told them they can't win. 

Did either of them - Ann or Glenn - admit that? Nope. These two "professors" just went along with their business of choice:

Exploitation of the ignorant.

So why would I, or any other black Republican, want to hang around them? 

 Oh yeah - to learn who the "assholes" are that really have us in decline.

I tried, but my (offline) black friends are correct:

This ain't "The Party Of Lincoln" - and these jackoffs are not on my side.

They never were.

Shit, at this point, I starting to doubt they're even Americans,...