Thursday, March 21, 2013

Look In My Eyes And Tell Me You Don't Want To Fuck Me

It's always fascinating when the women who take photos, like this, charge a man with sexual harassment. It really bolsters their case of being an innocent party (And what is it with women and nude photos? I've got a billion male friends and, as far as I know, not a one has a single nude photo or glamour shot. But my female friends? They've all got them. I'm talking a behavior, coupled with a narcissistic outlook, so uniform it's impossible to take many of them seriously as individuals.) But - getting back on topic - this sexual harassment charge is no ordinary sexual harassment charge. It's against one of TMR's favorite, and most exploitive, gurus:

Bikram Choudhury, the "hot yoga" dude who's always in the shit (Click his tag below).

Did he do it? I'd put good money on it. But was she asking for it? I'd put even more money on it, partially because that photo says she lives in the same goofy look-at-me headspace that he does, and willingly signed up as his "follower" after he's repeatedly been in trouble (See the photo, above, for where that'll get you, every time,...) 

So she gave him what he wanted - or "used what she's got" as the saying goes - and now wants to punish him for it. Can you hear opportunity knocking? Yeah, baby, he's gonna pay. It's all so NewAge - and spiritual - even though we know yoga's only exercise. Fuck: 

 Incarcerate them both - for making life worthless - and throw away the key,...

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