Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reality Must Bend Over (For Baby Boom Acceptance)

Ann Althouse has another of her famous posts where she's describing marriage in boyfriend/girlfriend, you-can-vow-to-do-this-thing-once-as-many-times-as-you-like terms. It's (kinda) cute, if I don't think about what job she holds, and how old she is. Then it creeps me out a little, like listening to Brian Wilson for the first time did. ("This is a grown man, right?") Really, for me: 

She (and Glenn Reynolds) have come to define the difference between "educated" and "smart".

And they've taught me that educated people can lack common sense.

And/or the ability to reason clearly. 

Which is providing a service, of some kind, I guess.

They're insuring this black American - the first generation to be a direct beneficiary of The Civil Rights Movement - learns new things. It's still too bad about the discrimination, though:

 They'd think I was the shit if I was gay,...

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  1. Well, it seems as though they are hell bent on equating gay marriage equality with the tearing down of slavery/Jim Crow laws (an utterly disgusting and ridiculous analogy imhao), so you may be on to something.