Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There's No "Conversation On Guns" To Be Had,...

While the one on Oikophobia should commence immediately,...

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  1. Guns and houses: when in doubt, try to get some common sense and knowledge of the things before buying either of them.
    Ex. it would be common sense to not stick the barrel of a loaded gun into your own face; knowledge: how to check to make sure the gun isn't loaded and the safety is on before you stick the barrel in your face.
    Ex. #2: it would be commonsense to realize that your house isn't out to get you...unless it was built over an active volcano or if the pilot light goes out but the gas is left running; knowledge: how to identify an active volcano, or check to see if the pilot light is out...and how to turn off the gas if it is

    Yeah, I'm being snarky...but that's my take on it, and from experience I've seen a lot of people who can't do any of the things listed above, not anymore.
    (on top of that, if you try to point out that maybe it might be time to learn some such stuff, or if you kindly try to offer up that maybe the person they are getting their knowledge from is a loop, lunatic or con-man who only knows how to take their money; they get really pissed off at you and accuse you of all kind of things -- incompetence being one of them, craziness also being a big go to accusation).

    Hence, I get snarky from time to time.