Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The "Fine" Line

Now that my shit is (almost) together and I'm back to making music, blogging can seem like a complete waste of time, making me sick of repeatedly reading how damned stupid people can be:
"Yoga can be like a cult; it can take over one’s whole approach to living, often as a substitute for seeking spiritual fulfilment and community. What is it about yoga that makes this so?"
"Can be like"? Wow. That's a cry for help if ever there was one, so, once again, here goes nothing - What makes yoga so much "like a cult"? 

A) It IS a cult (Never thought of that one, huh? Can you think of any other form of so-called "exercise" that "can take over one's whole approach to living"? And does yoga "take over one's whole approach to living", or is it the yoga cultists evangelizing for it? Hey - if it walks like a duck,...) 

B) It flourishes because, as this example shows, few - in or outside of it - are willing to call it what it is.

C) When someone seeks a form of self-help, such as yoga, they know there's something wrong, but what they don't understand - usually because of the inherent narcissism bestowed on them by the, self-declared, morally-superior hippie culture - is that whatever's wrong makes the "seeker" the worst person to diagnose themselves, or prescribe a cure. Instead, that act produces a sucker (or "mark") for any cult they gravitate to in existence. 

In other words, the answer is, yoga can be like a cult because of the lack of critical thinking skills in schools, which produces an international collection of fools who excel at feeding the most insecure, and vulnerable, of lambs to con men for the slaughter.

I think that's pretty concise. 

The other advice columnist, of course, said whatever you do is "fine",...

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    I suppose that's where one could have contact with little green/grey men in spaceships too, right?