Saturday, March 23, 2013

The G-Spot : Government (Why We're All Fucked Now)

Let's here it for all the Americans, on the Left and Right, currently calling the shots:
"China 'to overtake America by 2016'"
Fine job, boys and girls. Great job.

Fuck - I hate the Baby Boom:

There's so many delusional idiots and assholes in that group - all insisting on nothing, historically, but turning the damned wheel - they can't (and won't) get out of the way for anyone with sense, to steer the ship of state on a straight course, when we need to. Like the Baby Boom newspaper owners, who won't change their editorial positions despite the newspaper business dying, these know-nothings would rather destroy everything - including their children's position in the world as Americans - rather than admit they were wrong and are also, now, a good portion of the problem. 

In that way, at least, the transition won't be so bad: 

Chinese rulers behave in exactly the same way.

Oh well. The best thing about studying Numbskulls Of The Past™ (or NewAge lit) is when I hit that moment where my brain always stops and says, "There's something wrong with this picture,...":
Most of the time I knew Frank [Sinatra] — our friendship would last decades — he had long-time girlfriends or wives, but he never seemed happy. He said once he didn’t understand women.  The truth is that he was just as happy going to bed with a hooker — or whoever his songwriter Jimmy Van Heusen had managed to find him that night — as he was with his partner.  Maybe there was one exception: the actress Angie Dickinson. Of all the women he’d known, he said, she was the best in bed. Dean Martin agreed.

Well I'm sure Dean did! I'm sure even Angie Dickinson thought so, too! 

Everything goes sideways, in my mind, after reading about such people.

Historical refresher for the kids out there: 

Men used to be admired - for being dicks. Women, in their wisdom, slept with them by the boatload - for being dicks. (Marlon Brando and "The Wild Ones" got the girl, remember?) Then women decided they hated men - for being dicks. So women, in their wisdom (!) started to (of course) emulate dickish behavior, and expected my generation of men to admire women for crass stupidity, too. 

Because, I guess, women assumed - since they raised us - men, too, could think like a bitch. 

Let me repeat that:

They thought, somewhere, I had a clit that could drive me as crazy (and make me as manipulatable) as they are to men.

You know, kind of a "Deep Throat" thing, in reverse.

Going "against nature" and all that.

Come on, there was a lot of coke, and gays encouraged it, and it was the '70s.

These were mostly white women, BTW, as black women, generally, weren't as out of touch with reality. Still aren't, in a lot of ways. It's weird.

Anyway, these (white) women (and gays) didn't strive to be nice people (I never saw a rally to emulate the good or even the smart) but opted, instead, for trying to be clever - keeping the master/servant dynamic in play through feminism. Silly Rabbits:

Smart men would rather play with video games - or watch porn - than spend time with dumb, demanding women.

I would anyway.

Grrrl Power

Seriously? Somebody thought I was going to be attracted to that? Really? I swear, at this point, I'm seriously pressed to imagine a functioning brain out there.

Now they're talking about Hillary Clinton as POTUS because,,...she's a woman.

Considering how she's been fucked by Bill Clinton - both literally and figuratively - TMR wouldn't suggest that course of action, people. Here's an(other) good reason why:

China doesn't function that way - and they're kicking our ass!

Speaking of being "seriously pressed" - and emulating the ugly - here's a photo of JFK, showing off that "handsome" target pie tin of a face that reminds me of Ann Althouse's. (How people can call her beautiful - or him handsome - I don't understand, but to each his own, I guess,...):
"We all knew what the wild and horny senator John F. Kennedy was up to,..."
Yep, just as we know what everybody's "up to" now: 

Lying and fucking. Because - as the latest news of America's demise shows - it ain't "saving the planet", no matter what they say. The jig is up:

 The stupid burnout "Baby Boom" can't even save their own children,...


  1. Heh, yeah...I've got a bad feeling that it's going to be a match of Hillary against Mitt (again); the Pants Suit vs. Crest White Strips.

    The hippies on both sides are going to cream themselves over this grand astral conversion of suck.

    And the rest of us (and our kids) are going to pay for it (although I'm not sure about China -- they have their own problems stemming from their own twisted notions of "the really real"; it's a race to the bottom really).

    My parents were from that war generation; at least some of the females in my family had their wits together: "that Frankie sure can sing...he's a bit of a prick and a draft dodger though". Most of them didn't vote for JFK either and were convinced he had "the syphilis".


  2. Most of them didn't vote for JFK either and were convinced he had "the syphilis".


    Not exactly perfect grammar going on in the house, but I will say that for all their lack of polished speech they may have been correct in their estimates of what made people tick....which is far better than a lot of my oh so well educated peers in college (male and female).