Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Remember Eddie Murphy Wearing Red Leather Outfits?

I still say, in this day and age, it takes a special kind of stupid to go for this stuff:
A perverted ‘healer’ who told women their ‘sexual energy points’ were blocked then molested them was jailed for 16 years yesterday. 
Michael Ireland, 60, claimed to be skilled at a host of alternative therapies including Reiki, a Japanese form of hands-on treatment. 
Over a quarter of a century, the charismatic conman targeted a string of vulnerable women and girls, telling them he would help them with ‘special healing’ which could be carried out only when no one else was around.

Why do journalists always leave out the words "And she fell for it!"? (I swear, these people do not know the first thing about educating the public or selling papers.) So few talk about being dumb - everybody's afraid to be outed as a moron, when they should be, if only for the safety of others:
Last night one of his victims waived her right to anonymity and told the Daily Mail of her terror as Ireland sexually assaulted her during therapy for a painful back. 
Divorcee Joanne Mulholland, 41, said: ‘I was devastated. I felt angry and terribly betrayed. I had trusted him as a professional and yet he took advantage of me in the worst possible way.’

Sex as "therapy for a painful back." I love it. Completely homeopathic.

Dear Miss Mulholland, 

Thank you so much for waiving your right to anonymity. It's the first intelligent thing you've probably ever done in your entire messed-up life (I gather, since - after making it all the way to adulthood - you don't seem aware enough of your surroundings to know there are no "professional" hoodoos out there, and betraying others is the only thing these "real" ones are up to. Man, would I like to talk with your ex husband. NewAgers almost always seem to have exs for some reason,...). Your disclosure will undoubtably help someone else - whether it's a poor sap, also too dumb to accept reality, who can use your example, or by merely giving me someone else to point and laugh at whenever I'm down from being force-fed feminist crap about women being generally intelligent and strong and mumbo jumbo NewAge nonsense being their best possible conceivable contribution to what was supposed to be 21st Century life. Whoo-boy:
The DHB spent $4777 on seeking legal opinions on the clinic, which treated 75 staff before the three-month trial ended early after emergency medicine specialist Chris Cresswell linked the clinic to witchcraft and wizardry.

There's no need to feel bad - I know:

I, too, used to feel awful and I hadn't done a thing.

As I always try to make clear, there's more-than-enough moronic behavior to go around:
A breast cancer specialist once told me that in one year, she’d had four women come to her with a previously detected breast cancer who’d been trying alternative meds as treatment — for too long. By the time they got to her, their cancers had progressed beyond what would have been a relatively treatable stage.

You are not alone. All you've got to do is play the game of "belief" and you might as well say you've graduated top of your class in idiocy:
Upon further examination of Robyn’s qualifications from the website we find she is a “professionally trained Master Facilitator and a Master Coach who specializes in Leadership and Business development.” For those of you paying attention, that means she holds no traditional counseling degree or certification of any sort. That is a made up title. Descriptors like “facilitator” are mentioned in this 1995 Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) work by Dr. Margaret Singer. I will be referring to this excerpt again and again in this because of how accurate it is about Choice Center Las Vegas and LGATs in general, having been written in 1995. “Leadership University” is not a real thing either. If you read on, you will read words of very little substance when it comes to qualification, but you will learn that pro athletes and business executives love this program and that Robyn Williams is very charity-minded. Rumor has it she’s trying to scoop that Michael Phelps. Now he’s a national treasure, 22 medal-winning Olympian and famous weed smoker. I don’t know the man, but he is clearly someone to protect from this bullshit,…Remember the class is going to cost you $2,600 to start, and goes waaaaay up from there, some paying as much as $1M to achieve the highest levels. Of course many of the stories have to do with Charity. Robyn is charitable, Choice Center is charitable, and neither are afraid to tell you about it. Charity has long been used by cults, religions, and scams because it acts simultaneously as recruitment and public relation tool. Whenever a person or organization brags about charity or uses it in a marketing capacity, I am immediately suspect.

Go with it. Me? I'm a bottom feeder. A nut job. A wing nut. A fool. King of the fools. The Fucking Hunchback. All the smart folks say so - walking "career" suicide: 

"Powers" or no powers, breasts or no breasts, I'm just not bright enough to buy what they're selling, poor thing.

Destined to observe how it's done.


While living it up - not down,…

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  1. If only he had been taught not to rape with his reiki!