Friday, March 8, 2013

NewAge Rhymes With Sewage (Consider It Backsplash)

A Canadian judge gave us the skinny on gurus and, by extension, our 10-year indulgence of them:
In his poem Inferno at Cantos 26-30, Dante placed the “evil counsellors” ‑ those who used their position to advise others to engage in fraud, and “the falsifiers” ‑ alchemists, counterfeiters, perjurers, and imposters, into the inner canyons of the eighth circle of hell. As sinners, the evil counsellors and falisifiers were matched by those who induce religious schisms, and surpassed only in fault by oath‑breakers. 
Persons who purposefully promote and teach proven ineffective techniques that purport to defeat valid state and court authority, and circumvent social obligations, appear to fall into those two categories. That they do so, and for profit at the expense of naive and vulnerable customers, is worse. 
William S. Burroughs in Naked Lunch (New York: Grove Press, 1962, p. 11) wrote: “Hustlers of the world, there is one Mark you cannot beat: The Mark Inside.” I believe that is true for you. At some basic level, you understand that you are selling lies, or at the very most generous, wildly dubious concepts.
It all sucked so bad. It's over and it still sucks. It's like, because people won't simply admit how cruel and stupid they were, we'll never have an idea how cruel and stupid they are, so we'll always be on the lookout for the depths of these truly disabled, whether it's there or not. Thanks, Guys. Being surrounded by idiots is exactly what I planned for the rest of my life. It goes so well with the constant harangue to avoid stress. Full disclosure about NewAge's true long-term effect on others:

 I think pulling someone's heart out of their chest is relaxing now, too.

And deeply spiritual.

I'm practically Mayan.


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