Sunday, March 24, 2013

Science Makes Mince Meat Of Your NewAge Dreams

Science can get control of reality, and really make miracles happen, but we who love it don't go around calling ourselves gods, or gurus, or claiming we (or our creations) are the greatest thing since sliced bread, like folks who are part of the supposedly-ego-abandoning "spiritual" NewAge. We don't tell others to "be humble" because A) a humble person would never say that, and B) science already makes us sufficiently humble - by reminding us how much we don't know. 

Science is loyal, like a dog, and brings just as much joy when it greets you. 

NewAgers can't claim anything without science to rest on. Today, they're after the endorsement of doctors, hospitals, and anyone else, because they don't have enough credibility on their own. NewAge has never saved the world, though, like communism, it's killed millions. Compared with science, NewAge has never done anything really, except destroy with a pit bull's smile.

And - since the 60s - there's been shit-eating grins all around. 

Please, if you disagree, use the internet - also created by science - to reply:

It's been working a lot better than psychic powers,...

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