Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How Hippies Really "Go Green" (I Asked Frank Zappa)

Althouse says "some people find the humor inappropriate" over at Metafilter. "Some people" don't get that they're weird, which brings up an issue I'm dealing with at the moment: 

I'm feeling forced to abandon releasing an album - that I think is good, and a minor, but still important historical footnote - and all because of copyright law's creative (and especially financial) intrusion into how sampling was used when the tracks were originally made. 

Basically, I don't understand why someone can take a video of The Beach Boys, lay tracks of themselves goofing over it to reflect something new about the culture, and then put it on YouTube without getting into trouble - but there are restrictions on what another guy can do.

And mind you, I'm on the side of the guy who made this video - it's great.

Trying to get people to understand art (and utilizing technology, the process of making it, even today) is like trying to explain nuclear fission to retards. 

If you ask me, the very same artists who glorified in rejecting the culture (and destroying the country) now want to protect themselves from new artists - intent on reflecting what was created - because we can't have that, can we? The gigantic holes in the Baby Boomer's thinking shouldn't be exposed until they're dead, should it? Good Lord, look around: 

 Either hippies frame a discussion or it's almost not allowed to happen. 

 "Some people find the humor inappropriate" - yeah, I bet:

Oh, Daddy-O, how soon they forget,...


  1. That was hilarious!

  2. Fuck 'em. Post some of your music. Your taste is eclectic and great, so far as I can tell, and I'd love to hear a bit.