Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Connection (It Was Slow Getting To Ghettoes, Too)

There can't be a connection, there can't be a connection:
"70 percent of families with chronically ill kids use alternative therapies,…"
O.K. - fine - fuck it: 

 There can be a connection, there actually can be a connection,...

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  1. Those parents are just as much "marks" as the yoga people...I find it much more pathetic and sad, because as a parent I can understand the desperation -- their very parental instinct is the thing the con-men prey upon (in most cases, in some it's about their egos ala Jenny McCarthy -- they are scumbags).

    Which of course, makes me hate the con-men all the more...and worry about the fate of the kids (and I have historical precedence to back up my worry).