Saturday, March 9, 2013

You're In Reality When Things Start Getting Really Real

Last week Jon Stewart was crying about Washington’s reluctance to talk about important issues (something I'm happy for/about because they're not currently screwing anything up) but, this week, Stewart's reversed himself and started applauding Rand Paul's "old fashioned" filibuster of potential drone strikes on Americans because - this is a stunner - it's an accurate portrayal of how and why a filibuster is supposed to be used:

I tell you, there's something in the air,...

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  1. I agree with Stewart: this was a very good example of filibuster. While I'm not exactly a Rand Paul fan, nor a fan of political showboating (although all politics is showmanship and marketing), the drone use on American citizens is a slippery is the increased paranoia of the black helicopter crowd.

    So...anything that might get that conversation started, by all means it's high time we started to converse about it.