Monday, March 25, 2013

There's Too Many People (Putting Holes In Their Heads)

That's weird. While breaking down Katie Melua's hippie folk song, during an academic discussion of "alternative" medicine, Simon Singh stumbled into what's wrong with life, in general, right now:
"We're not '12 billion light years from the edge' - if that's an implication for the age of the universe, the universe is 13.7 billion light years old. 
It's not 'a guess,' in science we don't make guesses. 
'No one can ever say it's true'? That's fair enough, but in science we can get closer to the truth, that's the important thing. 
'But I know that I will always be with you': 
Well, at this point I can't trust a word this woman says,..."
And there you go - the whole world in a song. It's almost like he was watching my marriage or something. Following me around on dates. Listening in on conversations with friends and co-workers. Listening, not just to radio, but talk radio, politics and the news. Reading blogs, like Instapundit or Althouse. Watching the same TV shows. 

 From top to bottom, they're all so friggin' inconsistent, we simply can't trust what they say.

And the weirdest part is, like Katie Melua, they seem to be spreading their misinformation with abandon. Willingly. With determination. All of them. Even the professors. 

And it's not just that, they believe the wrong things, but they won't change them when faced with evidence. They hide and make excuses instead. That's when relationships break down, which they blame on others. But that's O.K. because they're making a profit off it - just like every other con man, guru, fraud, whatever, I cover. 

They, too, think that's the way Americans live. 

And - from all appearances - they'll do it 'til the day we die,...

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