Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Reign (New York And Utah Have Lots In Common)

So Bill Maher finally thinks Bloomberg's Ban On Sodas "Makes Liberals Look Bad"? Well glory be: 

He's not the only one a little slow on the uptake,...

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  1. Having witnessed excessive nannyism from both sides (we have dry towns courtesy of evangelical right wingers and new laws concerning "weapons" down to the kids not being able to go out in the field with their BB guns courtesy of left wing secularists -- and each side pitches a fit about "freedom!" and encourages people to rebel for one while finding all manner of reason to rightness of the other and the rebels must be punished, which of course means they aren't interested in either freedom or the making of sensible law) I'm full sick out the stupidity of it all.

    Both sides have become one in their foolishness.