Saturday, March 9, 2013

Of Mice And Men (Post-Modern Or Something Else Dirty)

Wow - I don't know which has flabbergasted me more - that Ann Althouse blogged an issue that matters (she's handily beating Glenn Reynolds on that score right now) or that she was capable of noticing anything significant through that fog of feminist nonsense she wallows in:
The stereotypical traditional male works so that a woman would have him and he could have love. Love was the end, not the means. If, for the woman, love is the means and the end is career advancement... then what? And why?
Hmmm. I'd say, despite their - and their equally-untrustworthy gay supporters' - claims to the contrary (and it's only through ignorant self-questioning men of the past believing/accepting such claims we find ourselves here, culturally) it adds up to the fact many women ARE the historical/hysterical liars portrayed through history, and they - and their phony "arguments" - aren't worth a decent man's time in the modern era. That's straight talk, right?

This is, possibly, why many women today cry they don't have a man (follow Ann's link) can't find a man (I'm starting to feel sorry for Taylor Swift,...) have found themselves with this guy (Notice the lie that woman is "intelligent"?) or (as in the case of Ann and Meade) find lapdogs to blind ambition* hoping to lick up the juice (I notice feminists are never with folks who already define and possess it - in the end it comes down to a beta "getting some" for support, whether deserving or not. And she, a professor!)

In other words, Mrs. Alan Alda, it's all another form of self-help, at other's - and thus society's - expense. Hardly shocking anymore, really. Fuck 'em all, male and female alike - Oprah says:

Women have used deception  - the "what" and "why" - on others, and themselves, because most are afraid of a fight, or even a challenge, since they know in their heart they'll fail. 

And this nation, raised by such liars and losers, has been peddling lies and loss.

As Phil Donahue used to say, the result is obvious.

"Ooooh, love to love ya, bay-bay,..."

* How many years has the question "What do women want?" been posed without anyone providing a clear answer? In the end, feminism's been nothing more than an, obvious, long-haul con game featuring a lot of marks - including, especially, it's children.

And there ain't nothing "nice" about that,...

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  1. As a woman, what can I say? I appreciate the shit out of my husband for doing the things that men can do (yeah, I can go and hunt dinner and fix flat tires and shit...but he's better at it and having somebody who is better at it around, plus a loyal! and dedicated spouse/former boyfriend makes it better and less lonely an existence for me and his kids which were a result of celebrating the appreciation of such a fine catch of a man, so why shouldn't I be just happy as hell to have found that and want to keep it just the way it is and never change it?
    I wish my daughters could find that -- which is hard now because most young men have had any inclination to be a man browbeaten out of them -- I hope my son can negotiate the minefield that has been set up for him (it's like he's got to go underground with being a man, such a shame, what a waste, and what a hassle for me when I have to be Mommy to a kid who is surrounded by a sea of idiots who don't want him to be the very thing he needs to be).


    And I'm getting sick and tired of women who seem to insist that a man being a man is automatically some sort of rapid animal/neanderthal hybrid...they seem to have gotten confused about the difference between a male with a healthy sex drive and sense of self-respect and a criminal...uhm, no "ladies", ain't no shame in a man who likes women and sex; they're supposed to, and there is also absolutely nothing wrong with a man who doesn't stand for being used as a doormat and who won't act like a mouse (or a con-artist in mouse clothing). And my kids are swimming in a sea of people who buy into this poor kids...