Monday, March 25, 2013

Getting The Picture (The Big One)

Most people seem to be coming to the realization that Scientology is a cult. Part of the reason for that is Scientology's adherence to the time-tested cult practice of inventing cult jargon that only fellow members understand while laughing maniacally.

I, for instance, would be considered an "SP" in Scientology-speak, or a "Suppressive Person". Oprah Winfrey - another familiar cult leader - calls us "Energy Vampires" (which is Nazi-speak for anyone who doesn't buy into the cult leader's bullshit.) Using cult jargon as a guide, it looks like Jezebel is catching on to Lululemon Athletica's yoga cult now:
"GEC" stands for "Guest Education Center" — the Orwellian name Lululemon gives its customer service call center. "Educator" is a Lululemon sales associate.
Here's how they're describing Lululemon Athletica's founder, Chip Wilson, after mentioning he's been enamored with Ayn Rand's Objectivist cult for a while:
"Wilson seems a touch megalomaniacal. He talks to reporters about creating a Lululemon 'constitution,' a philosophy he bases on a mishmash of The Secret and the Landmark Education Forum."

Click Chip Wilson's tag, below - He's a hoot. As if to make the point clear, The Guardian, U.K., has a new comment on The Landmark Forum that Lululemon "employees are encouraged to attend":
"It sounds rather cult-like."

But come on. Ever since the last election - and that minor discussion of what Mitt Romney and his wife are into - people have started saying that about everything. Let's be clear - taking what we've learned today from those looking at Lululemon:

The cultists are just Tom Cruise and Scientology, Oprah Winfrey and her show and network, Chip Wilson, Lululemon, people who do yoga, the Nazis (my contribution) Ayn Rand and all her followers (in and out of government), plus the billions who bought The Secret

That's it. No one else. Nothing to worry about. The 20th Century is over. 

I've been assured, by some of the best minds out there, not to worry:

Everybody else is totally in the clear,...

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