Thursday, March 21, 2013

Law Professor Charity: They Need Help (Getting A Clue)

I can't hang with Ann Althouse and the dogs anymore, because - along with the feminist and gay nonsense - part of it is her silly "we all" statements:
"We all get distracted and lose our minds when gazing upon extremely muscular men, do we not?"
Jeez. A guy can lose an I.Q. point, or two, reading such drivel.

No, Ann, "we all" do not - it's just you, 12-year old girls, gays (Some of us have lived in San Francisco) and, maybe, Meade (Am I repeating myself, there? He is part of "we all" is he not?) For the record, some of us see "extremely muscular" amounts of insecurity in body builders, and other health nuts, so go about our business. 

And how can Althouse admit, there, that she regularly goes insane over mundane things but - when it's an important subject - has  rarely ever admitted she's wrong? (Even her other long-time readers notice it, and mention it, not that'll ever do them - or Ann - any good.) Such bravery. 

And speaking of bravery, why is Meade of absolutely no help with that - but, instead, has become integral to making money off of Ann's disregard? Oh yeah - as feminists and whatnot, neither of them has enough integrity to shoot straight and not exploit the situation. Isn't that how Ann made her name as a law professor? I forget. 

I forgot this, too:

 A.K.A. Losers, who already have money, but - in truth - weren't worth a nickel to anyone else,...

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