Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Difference Between A Cult Film & Cult Films

Wow - despite the steady chorus of denials anything of the kind is happening - this country's runaway cultism is starting to become the subject independent filmmakers can't get enough of:

First, from a few years ago, there was Ondi Timoner's Join Us. But this year we've got David Wants to Fly finally coming to the United States, Martha Marcy May Marlene being released later this year; the cult-themed Sound of My Voice (because cultists are such good listeners) is now screening at the Sundance Film Festival, and it's just been announced that production on a movie about the Manson Girls is to begin.

Not too shabby for a subject that, just a few years ago, many said we were "crazy" to cover. It's going to get really serious when filmmakers start connecting cultism to the history (and failures) of modern corporate culture - along with the Boomers who orchestrated integrating NewAge throughout society.

We don't think anybody but ourselves, and other serious cult-watchers, are prepared to deal with the reality, or the fallout, from that - but mark our words:

It's the next phase - and it's coming,...