Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who's Smarter: Tom Cruise Or Arthur C. Clarke?

"Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of the science fiction classic, 2001. If Clarke says you’re crazy, you’re crazy. End of story."
That's from Screen Junkies, which has presented us with "9 Celebrities Who Hated Scientology Before It Was Cool", but - for some reason - Oprah's nowhere on the list!

We don't know about John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, or anyone else but, to us, that's just weird,...

Somebody's got to get their story straight.

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  1. Back in 73'-75' or so, down in Redwood City, I worked for a gentleman who was a member of the 'church'. He was visited regularly by, I'm assuming, his auditor. The auditor was creepy, made my hair stand on end. Oddly, they never tried to recruit me, likely because they knew I didn't have any money. Anyway, they were both so weird that I could tell I wanted nothing to do with the 'church'. I can't count the times, while living in the Bay Area, that folks tried to involve me in one cult or another. Dangerous place for that sort of thing. Though I guess you could say that about California in general.