Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Time Where There's No Cover-Up Involved

We don't know what it is about San Francisco that attracts them, but once they get there, all bets (and clothing) are off:
Debating nudity with the naked guys in the Castro is like playing tennis against a brick wall. No matter what you send over the net, the return is always the same:

It is your fault.

You are the one who is offended, who is fretting about what 5-year-olds will think. They are free and natural. You are prudish and intolerant.

The nudie boys, who live in the Castro, can carry on this discussion for hours to push their organized cause - the Free Body Culture movement - a mumbo-jumbo philosophy about making San Francisco safe for our repressed nude selves.

Yea, it's more of that "larger 'California philosophy' that is relatively new in its history".

"Whatever", indeed.

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