Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Burn Your Bra, Burn Your Bro, Burn Your Boy, Burn,...


 The Wall Street Journal reveals the carefully constructed lie hanging over us:
Kelly was a bright woman in her early 30s: whip-smart, well qualified, ambitious—and confused. Even a little frightened. 
She worked for a female partner in a big consulting firm. Her boss was so solicitous that Kelly hoped the woman—one of just a few top female partners—might become her mentor. But she began to feel that something was wrong. In meetings, her boss would dismiss her ideas without discussion and even cut her off in mid-sentence. Kelly started to hear about meetings to which she wasn't invited but felt she should be. She was excluded from her boss's small circle of confidants. 
What confused Kelly was that she was otherwise doing well at the firm. She felt respected and supported by the other senior partners. She had just one problem, but it was a big one. One of the male partners pulled her aside and confirmed Kelly's suspicions: Her boss had been suggesting to others that Kelly might be happier in a different job, one "more in line with her skills."
Bingo! "A male partner" told her (not one of her "sisters") meanwhile, her sons are being raised under the tyrannical message to work against half of the population - themselves - just so one of those Marlo Thomas wannabe's could pretend to be That Girl. (Then they'll raise bloody murder if a male actually grows up to be "Da Man"and runs over them,...or, more likely, after the idiots invite it.) And isn't there something fundamentally wrong with running a society according to the cries of it's loudest whiners? 

I noticed this during a discussion of bullying:

The Civil Rights Movement was built on a fighting spirit, not trying to fool anyone (unless you count the cover-up of MLK's adultery, of course) so - since anything built on a lie will result in a lie - why'd feminists bother with this line of attack at all? 

The answer should be obvious:

Merely to deceive, for as long as possible, to see how far they'd get.

Fine - got it - Guys, fuck the naivety, set it on fire:

And save any flowers for the funeral,...