Monday, February 7, 2011

Jello: We Wonder How He Felt Whenever He Discovered The Shooter Was From His Side?

Don't get us wrong - we love Jello:

He signed our first group, and The Dead Kennedys were an amazing punk band, and we still cherish a post card from him, saying how much he liked our "rock" group, Little White Radio.

But - BUT! - here he's being a butt, falling on the wrong side of every issue, and we bet - serious business and we'd be willing to put up serious money to back it up - we bet, after he discovered Jared Lee Loughner was a Left-wing, NewAge Bush hater, he didn't even make another video admitting he was wrong about anything. No, instead of showing some integrity, he was happy to let his misinformation ride, and his now ultra-stupid minions are running around spitting this shit at each other like it's gospel, and that's just wrong.

Oh well, we love him anyway.

It's just too bad he's such a fucking dishonest ass about everything.

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