Thursday, January 13, 2011

Barack's Message Got Through Loud And Clear!

A few days ago, the president said, "We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than,...the French people," so predictably - knowing the French - we called him a "horse's ass". Now, courtesy of Delta Airlines, you tell us who was right:
Federal air marshals had to subdue an intoxicated man flying to New York from Nice when he repeatedly shoved a female flight attendant who caught him smoking in the plane’s bathroom.

After being handcuffed, suspect Franck Lebrun announced, “I’m French, fuck you!”
Yea, you tell 'em, you fucking frog! You're our best friend!

Man, that President Obama:

When it comes to our "allies", he really knows how to pick 'em,...


  1. It seems unlikely that Barack was talking about that airline passenger, specifically.

    Likely he was making the same sort of vague statement of diplomatic approbation that all heads of state make about other countries with whom their own enjoy economic and military ties, etc.

  2. Really? You think so?

    I was POSITIVE he meant that guy.