Thursday, January 27, 2011

Criminals Trying To Steal Our Money? That We Expect (We Don't Understand Giving It To Them)

We tell you, and tell you, and tell you, but we guess - since most don't appear to be critical thinkers - it takes an appeal from authority before you'll take truthful information seriously:
Cash-strapped British taxpayers fork out an extra £765 for goods and services every year because of fraudsters, according to figures published today.

The National Fraud Authority (NFA) said cheats carve an annual £38 billion hole in Britain's finances.

The watchdog's second annual fraud indicator found crooks swindled the public sector out of £21 billion, more than half of total losses.

Meanwhile the private sector lost £12 billion, individuals £4 billion and charities £1.3 billion to frauds from marketing scams to bogus operators.

Officials said if the cost of fraud was broken down individually it would leave every adult with a bill for £765 in increased prices.

The second Annual Fraud Indicator showed the total cost of fraud has increased by more than £8 billion from £30 billion last year.
And, needless to say, the cost is bound to be much higher in the U.S..

Exit question:

Did they include psychics and other NewAge flim-flam in the survey?

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