Monday, January 10, 2011

NewAge: It's A Joke - It's All A Marvelous Joke

Continuing with the themes of this blog, it seems mental health experts are nailing Jared Lee Loughner as being delusional - in the very manner we've been outlining for years. (Our "delusional thinking" tag gets a serious workout.) Here's Dr. Bob Dolgoff, medical director of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center's mental health division:
I doubt people who say this is about politics have a good understanding of mental illness. It could be conspiracy theories or men from outer space. The important thing here is, why wasn't he in treatment?
We've been saying all along that looking at the NewAge beliefs of Jared Lee Loughner would reveal more than searching for clues in politics, but there's no stopping those determined to win battles no one else is fighting.

Will they listen now? We doubt it.

Why not? Easy:

Though NewAgers have killed thousands - even hundreds of thousands world-wide (How many deaths are that quack, Andrew Wakefield, with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's help, responsible for now?) - as usual, no single one of these wacko's body count is high enough, yet, to get the "normal" observer's attention. But seriously:

There's nothing "normal" about any of this.

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