Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just Twisting Yourself Into Knots (Over Nothing)

Oh-ho-ho! So Yoga, as so many tell us, is just exercise in the West? Then what is this woman getting rid of?:
TARA Stiles does not talk about sacred Hindu texts, personal intentions or chakras. She does not ask her yoga classes to chant. Her language is plainly Main Street: chaturangas are push-ups, the “sacrum” the lower back. She dismisses the ubiquitous yoga teacher-training certificates as rubber stamps, preferring to observe job candidates in action.

In her classes, videos and how-to book, “Slim Calm Sexy,” Ms. Stiles, a 29-year-old former model with skyscraper limbs and a goofball sensibility, focuses on the physical and health aspects of yoga, not the spiritual or the philosophical. For traditionalists, this is heresy, reducing what they see as a way of life to just another gym class.
Somebody's lying out there, because if Yoga wasn't a 5,000 year-old spiritual practice to make you stupid, then this woman wouldn't have to be changing it - and nobody would be pissed at her - but she is and they are. So which is it:

Are you being fooled or is she?

We especially like her take on those oh-so-nice and "peaceful" types in the Yoga "scene":
In the decade since she came to New York, Ms. Stiles has built a business out of breaking those rules. She rejected the city’s yoga scene as exclusive and elitist — it reminded her of the mean girls in high school, only with incense and bare feet.

“I feel like I’m standing up for yoga,” Ms. Stiles said. “People need yoga, not another religious leader. Quite often in New York, they want to be religious leaders, and it’s not useful.
Indeed. As we keep saying, the Yoga crowd are a bunch of hypocritical bitches with nothing to recommend them but the other hypocrites they gather with - this includes Ms. Stiles, who claims she's stripping the bullshit from Yoga, but works with Jane "we're all energy" Fonda and Deepak "I've got a scam" Chopra.

These Yoga fools must gather together because, while they call it a "lifestyle" what they really mean is it's a exploitable cult with it's own language and belief system. If it isn't, then why is Stiles talking, specifically, of "religious leaders" for what people claim is exercise? Someone's very, very confused here and in need of psychiatric care. A lot of someone's.

We'll end this, here, with the only comment worth anyone taking away from the post:

You're all a bunch of self-deluded liars, fooling no one but yourselves, and you can be sure Indians have been laughing at your elitist racial appropriation stupidity for decades.

Call us whenever you decide to develop a coherent personality, and cult(ure), of your own.


  1. Some people like doing yoga.

    I don't see the harm.

  2. This blog, Anon, isn't just about the seen, but the unseen.

    What's up with the sacred Hindu texts?

  3. Yoga is not meant to be a sport, it has been practiced for thousands of years since before you were born. Sure the modern 'new age' take on it can be a bit wack but that is not yoga's true roots. Perhaps you should educate yourself about it before trashing it, Doing so, only makes you come off as an ignorant ass.