Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Super Heroes & Crime Fighters: That's Skeptics!

The Mighty Orac has done what's thought by many to be impossible - actually recording the post-Andrew Wakefield "snapping" of an antagonistic anti-vaccination warrior - the great Craig Willoughby:
I'm sure you can understand a few digs here and there at those you consider enemies, right?

I kid.

Simple fact of the matter is that I'm tired of fighting. Much of what has been going on in these online autism wars is just people pointing fingers, making angry posts, or in the case of some groups (not you guys), making what some could perceive as threatening posts while posting pictures of that person and her child. I will freely confess that I am guilty of hurling insults at those who don't follow my point of view.

But, what is this doing to help my son? What is this doing to help parents of children like my son? Particularly those new to this diagnosis.

Honestly, my perusal of Wakefield's dishonesty took quite a bit of the wind out of my sails. It forced me to evaluate what I am fighting for, and it also forced me to realize that, while I don't agree with the tone of what is written here and other places, I have come to realize that you and others are doing what you think is right. That is certainly admirable.

So, in the spirit of this epiphany, future posts from me will not be as antagonistic toward those I don't agree with.
Way to go, Craig! Glad to have you back with the rest of us! TMR salutes you! You have made a major leap, one we look for daily as we survey the NewAge landscape, while taking the slings and arrows of the loons.

We wish you and your son all the best, and will do anything we can to help you escape the clutches of pseudoscience - in any way we can. Do not be scared or despair:

You're amongst friends now.

And, finally, a big high-five to Orac:

We're winning, baby! Those bastards tried (unsuccessfully) to get you fired, but we're still here - and we're winning! One mind at a time, my good man, one mind at a time.

And, damn, it feels good!

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