Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chopra Studied Under The Master (Of Illusion)

It's hard to believe - anything - but especially how badly the lowly Derek Lowe is allowed to talk about the major thinkers of our time:
Well, no sooner do I speculate about whether Luc Montagnier has lost it then he makes headlines with a "water memory" story about teleporting DNA. [Enter a bunch of "sciencey" stuff about how stupid homeopathy is - Crack.]

Well, Montagnier himself says that he thinks that this experiment will be replicated by others, so I'll hold my fire until that's tried out. Until then, I note that this experiment has apparently made Deepak Chopra's day. It's hard for me to imagine that anything that has inspired such a fuzzy-brained column from such a fuzzy-brained man could lead to any good.
This guy just doesn't get it:

Deepak Chopra is going to make a fool of you!

One day, just you wait. One day, you're all going to eat your Maharishi-hating words! Deepak's in The San Francisco Chronicle, bitch - with Mark Motherfucking Morford - dropping the real "sciencey" science! You. Just. Fucking. Wait:

One of these days, these two geniuses are going to rock our fucking world.


  1. I don't know what you're trying to say, here, but I like Norah Jones's singing.

  2. Aw, come on!

    Deepak? He was the Maharisi's butt boy? Nothing?

    Tough crowd.

  3. Norah is very nice in real life. I have met her a few times and she is the real deal.

    Of course this was before she was discovered so it might be all changed.

    I mean I know you are gonna be a real dick after you get famous. Just sayn'

  4. Word is she greatly dislikes her biological father who pretty much just dumped his load and split.

  5. Troop,

    I know you are gonna be a real dick after you get famous.

    Please. I've been famous, it's no big whoop. I end up hiding a lot.

    Naw, post-divorce Crack is as bad as it gets. I'm working on that, but still plan on hiding.