Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Would Be Called "Zeitgeist" Now Wouldn't It?

Oh Jeez, when it comes to Jared Lee Loughner, it's Robert Stacy McCain who is (also) asking "the key question: 'Why is this important clue to the killer’s motives being ignored by major news organizations?'”

And what is "this important clue"? McCain calls it "the Zeitgeist cult":
I today received an e-mail from a British follower of the Zeitgeist Movement. He repeated the cult’s own mantras about substituting an egalitarian global redistributionist “resource-based economy” for the “monetary-based economy.” He repeated these things in such a way as to indicate to me that he did not recognize that he was the victim of a scam.
Sigh. McCain then goes on to defend TMR's modus operandi in this battle:
Harsh words are necessary to rouse the dreamers from their dangerous trance. The delusions of these people deserve to be mocked, and often, and by someone who knows how.

The perpetrators of the Zeitgeist Movement/Venus Project scam are preying on the naïveté of gullible people who haven’t studied the history of socialism. As I say, it isn’t that such people lack intelligence. They are merely ignorant. Once they realize that they have been deceived and played for suckers, once they have taken time to educate themselves about the nature of the flimflam by which they have been duped, the ex-cultists will become the cult’s most powerful critics.
Or they burrow deeper. Oh well. At least we now know another friend of Glenn Reynolds is onto the NewAge, even if Reynolds himself is unwilling to acknowledge, whether we're talking about Loughner or some other angle, that we were there first.

If you ask us, by being arrogant, thin-skinned, and petty, Reynolds is only setting himself up to eventually look bad:

The truth always comes out.


  1. Kathy Griffin?

    I would have guessed:
    1. Andy Dick
    2. Sean Penn