Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rick Ross? Forget Him: We Need A Cult Expert!

This is strange, since so many think saying "It's not a cult" is a good enough reason to stop using the term:
Spiritual Warrior"/snake-oil salesman James Arthur Ray -- accused of manslaughter in the deaths of three participants in a 2009 sweat-lodge ceremony in Sedona -- doesn't want the jury in his upcoming trial to hear what two experts on cult behavior have to say about his "self-help" retreats.

Attorneys for the "self-help guru" are asking Yavapai County Judge Warren Darrow not to allow testimony from Rick Ross and Steven Pace, both experts on cult behavior.

Prosecutors plan to use the experts to explain to jurors why participants in the retreat felt they couldn't leave the makeshift sweat lodge, the Associated Press is reporting.
We think they should ask Oprah to testify, since A) she promoted James Arthur Ray on TV, and B) nobody seems capable of leaving her nonsense behind either.

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  1. What the hell are you trying to say here???!!!