Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Using A Picture Of Sarah Palin To Beat It (Well)

So was that it? Please, someone, convince us what we've been watching/reading wasn't three whole days of baseless attacks and mental masturbation:
Indeed, one piece of evidence collected so far is a 2007 letter from Giffords's office to Mr. Loughner, thanking him for attending a meet-and-greet event. On it is scrawled a death threat to Giffords. In 2007, Sarah Palin was a little-known Alaska governor and the tea party movement did not exist.

At this point, then, the left's initial eagerness to link the shooting to political anger on the right could backfire, says Charles Franklin, a pollster and political scientist at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

"It was the immediate connection from the left of this shooting to political rhetoric from the right that polarized this, and here we have a case where there's a rush to blame Palin [and other conservatives] with no direct connection to her at all," he says. "And the more we learn about this guy, it seems there isn't any political motivation in a broader sense."
We guess, then, it was just three whole days of baseless attacks and mental masturbation. In other words, the Left has become a political operative that will gladly shame itself and the nation - for nothing. No answers came out of it, no one was found guilty of anything - though the Left is guilty of multiple bald-faced lies they'll, somehow, never be held to account for - and the entire episode's total worth to the nation amounted to a big fat zero. Let it rest now, kids, it's starting the chafe:

That was one great use of our time.

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