Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Really: If This Ain't A Trend Then It Ought To Be

Well, just - damn:

This comedian asked for someone to send him a million dollars - just because - and someone did it! Ain't that a hoot?

O.K., here's TMR's pitch:

Is there a wealthy conservative that wants to change the cultural landscape of this nation? Give the Left a run for their money in the world of music? Videos? And other forms of art? (Maybe even eradicate The NewAge Movement - or, at least, get it on the run?) Then send us, doesn't even have to be a million dollars - just something substantial so we can have the time to devote our considerable talents to it. We'll do the rest. And we promise to make you proud you did.

That's it. Why should politicians who never do what they say (and/or comedians who don't care) get all the dough, huh?

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